President Message

Anticipate Changes,
Respond Promptly

President & CEO
Tatsunobu Sako

President & CEO

Sojitz Machinery Corporation was established as a specialized machinery trading company at the time of the merger of Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation in April 2004 to market various machinery and equipment for plants, materials, and components used in basic industrial fields including steel, chemicals, electric power, automobiles, consumer electronics, and electronic equipment.

Sojitz Machinery has established a network that extends to 16 operations inside and outside Japan. We strive to continuously improve customer service, examine what we need to do to achieve customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis, and conduct business aiming for continuous growth.

Sojitz Machinery was formed through the merger of five machinery-related trading companies in the Nichimen and Nissho Iwai groups, providing us with broad experience and an extensive track record in a wide range of industrial fields. We continue to diversify our business domains in response to ongoing change in the business environment.

In addition to the experience and expertise that we have accumulated through measures in fields that will lead to future growth such as in the environmental and new energy segments, the provision of support, introduction of strategic business partners, and development of cooperative business for companies that are establishing overseas operations in response to the globalization of industry, and the identification of and formation of alliances with outstanding overseas business partners, we also leverage the Sojitz Group global network to create new business models that anticipate customer needs and supply high added value services to customers in Japan and many regions around the world.

We see our corporate missions as responding to changes in markets and the economic environment, accurately identifying customer needs, and providing optimal business solutions that achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

We are committed to exceeding stakeholder expectations by playing an ever more active role under the slogans “tackling challenges and reforms without fear of failure”and “creative management invigorated by independent and originality.”

I request your continued support and guidance.