Comprehensive coordination of Energy Projects

Regarding power projects such as transmission line project, substation project and power plant project etc., which are important for supporting social life, we are developing services all over the world to satisfy the needs of customers from Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) business to equipment supply, for being a Solution Provider.
In addition, weWe handle the import, export, and offshore-trade transactions with Japanese and overseas oil & gas, petrochemical plant end users as well as plant engineering companies to supply heat exchangers, pressure vessels, compressors, and other equipment and components. Especially, in the field of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), we have been working to provide Open Rack Vaporizers, Boil off Gas Compressors, and other LNG related- equipment to LNG receiving terminal. We are also making intensive efforts for LNG terminal and tanks’ EPC coordination.
In the field of combustion equipment, we inherited the thermal technologies from the former KUWABARA Corporation. Using these technologies, we design, manufacture, and provide after-sales services for the process burners for heating furnaces, the reformer furnaces for oil refineries and petrochemical operators, and duct burners for the reheating of flue gas for gas turbine co-generation systems. We have delivered large quantities of equipment to customers in Japan and overseas.

400kV substation

KS Burner (artist’s image)

Nuclear equipment

We are promoting and selling for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities and Research & Development Facilities to be utilized in high radioactive environment.
・Remote Handling Technologies,
such as Master slave and Power Manipulators
・Seal and Shielding Technologies,
such as Casks and Containers to incorporate radioactive wastes
In addition, we are promoting and selling, for Nuclear Power Station,
・Clean up Technologies,
such as Laundry system for cleaning work clothes,
decontamination chemicals
・Radiation Monitoring Technologies,
such as radiation monitors for Solid and gas wastes and proposing solution in terms of recycling and clean up technologies for Metallic Sodium, coolant for First Breeder Reactor.

Nuclear Power Plant Control Room

Nuclear fuel, transportation, and material

We offer the procurement and the transport for fuel elements necessary for the operation of Japanese research reactors owned by Japanese research institutes and universities. The manufacturers of fuel elements are Framatome SAS in France with whom we have exclusive agency rights and Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant PJSC in Russia. Since many of the fuel elements are custom-made, we also undertake a feasibility study for the fuel design and specifications.
In addition to fuel elements, we also offer procurement of samples for research and radioisotopes, and if the specifications are not listed in the catalog, we will negotiate with overseas manufacturers so that we can provide them as custom-made products as much as possible.
We undertake import of enriched uranium, which is the raw material for fuel assemblies for light water reactors in Japan. Transportation begins at overseas nuclear fuel factories in Europe and the United States, but we not only arrange transportation companies, but also carry out and assist in obtaining licenses related to nuclear material protection and security trade control. As well as the procurement of fuel elements, we conduct feasibility studies related to transportation and licensing.
We also work on the business of exporting domestic uranium-containing products to overseas factories and recycling them.

Fuel Storage Cask

Equipment for the Fukushima nuclear accident recovery and other projects

We are trying to contribute to development of Decommissioning Technologies for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Due to high radiation environment, higher technologies must be developed and we are proposing remote handling, seal and shielding technologies mainly working with French companies, such as Getinge-La Calhène and CLEO. To develop technologies, we are covering conceptual design, basis design, key element development verification test& demonstration, prototype and actual equipment manufacturing.
In addition, we delivered a dismantled robot of Cybernex from France to a decommissioning project in Tokai, Japan. This project was using the robot to dismantle a SRU (steam generator) at the Tokai Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.
We will continuously work on development projects with overseas partners to contribute to decommissioning works.

Power Plant Cooling Tower