Provision of upstream through to downstream services for plastic-related equipment
―― Plastic-resin and fabric facilities

We provide optimal facilities in alignment with customer requirements to manufacturers of plastic-resin materials, film and non-woven fabrics both in Japan and overseas. We have also built up formidable results and been highly-acclaimed for delivering equipment to overseas locations for customers expanding their business affairs abroad, which is becoming more common in recent years, and for providing installation support and after-care services for this equipment. We are able to offer extruders (single-screw and multi screw), granulation equipment, coating systems, conversion systems and other related equipment made by Japanese and overseas manufacturers to customers involved the fields of plastic materials and film.
An example of this is the provision of equipment made by European manufacturers in mainly Germany and France, regions that have gained a reputation for advanced technologies, to customers considering developing and manufacturing value-added compounds, battery film and high-function film for 5G-related products, carbon fiber composite materials and other components. We also actively introduce customers who wish to reduce fixed charges to inexpensive Taiwan-manufactured products that have garnered excellent results and been highly-acclaimed for their technological prowess.

Simultaneous biaxial stretching machine manufactured by Marchante of France

Film cast line manufactured by Reifenhauser of Germany

Amid an environment encompassing the field of semiconductors in which advanced nations are moving ahead with carbon-free policies, the expansion of the 5G market and the electrification of automobiles, we have adopted initiatives aimed at the market for power semiconductors, which are continuing to enjoy a period of expansion, photonics communication devices and other high value-added semiconductors. The Division is involved in the sale of all types of manufacturing units, covering pre-processing through to post-processing, to domestic and overseas manufacturers that produce these products, as well as materials used in the production of semiconductors, such as gallium oxide (Ga2O3) wafers that are attracting attention as next-generation components for use in power semiconductors. In particular, the company that is attracting attention as an overseas manufacturer is Hanmi Semiconductor Co., Ltd. We are the sales agent for Hanmi, a representative South Korean company that boasts a high global share as a manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing units, and we sell its products to companies within Japan.

Semiconductor manufacturing unit manufactured by Hanmi Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

We also handle a wide range of commercial products related to the 3Rs (Recycle/Reuse/Reduce) amid a recent heightened awareness of the environment. In particular, we have built up formidable results and been highly-acclaimed by our customers for delivering waste plastic recycling machines, plant machinery, devices for producing plastic alternatives, and other such equipment to various locations regardless of whether they are inside Japan or overseas, and for providing installation support and after-care services for this equipment.
In addition, we have also been acclaimed for suggesting unique overseas devices that enable human errors to be avoided and manpower to be reduced.

For customers in the field of non-woven fabrics who are considering spunbond and meltblow devices for producing various types of industrial materials including hygienic materials, civil engineering materials and medical materials, we supply spinning machines with the world’s highest standards manufactured by Reifenhäuser Reicofil of Germany, for which we operate as the general agency, and high-speed winders, slitters and rewinders manufactured by A.Celli of Italy.
In addition to the above, we are also able to provide other processing devices that are used from the upstream to downstream stages of production, such as spun-lace, air-through and other facilities related to a wide range of non-woven fabrics, and we have also established a system in which we are able to propose secondary processing devices, such as laminators and applicators, as well as packing facilities and automated facilities, in alignment with customer requirements.

Plastic bottle cleaning and recycling machine manufactured by BoReTech Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. of Taiwan

Slitter/winder manufactured by A.
Celli of Italy

Spunbond production line manufactured by Reifenhäuser Reicofil of Germany

Providing various industrial plant equipment in alignment with customer needs
―― Industrial machinery group

For more than half a century, we have been exporting industrial plant equipment, including generators, fertilizer, textile, cement, sugar and other production equipment, as well as boilers, compressors, construction machines and other utility equipment to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We also provide suggestions for equipment that matches up with the local conditions facing industry in each of these nations, such as improving productivity, creating high added value, improving efficiency, saving energy, reducing costs and responding to environmental issues, and this enables us to contribute to the continual growth of our customers.

Textile machine manufactured by Tsudakoma Corp.(high)
High-efficiency steam boiler manufactured by Miura Co., Ltd.(middle)
Water purifying plant manufactured by Kubota Corporation(low)

Providing products and facilities for next-generation lifestyles ―― Lifestyle industry

We supply OEM printers targeting e-commerce channels mainly to China, and also actively promote the sale of equipment for manufacturing organic EL panels that represent the core components of 5G-related technologies, which are attracting attention at the moment, and AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) products.

Facilities for glass factories

We handle fireproof bricks, ceramic fiber products and glass manufacturing machines made in China, and we have accumulated many results being used in sheet glass and glass fiber factories in Japan.
The Division also utilizes the Sojitz network to provide information on products procured overseas. In further detail, we deliver functional components mainly manufactured in South Korea to manufacturers of agricultural machinery, construction machinery and industrial machinery under the prerequisite of reducing costs.
We also handle all types of compressors and heating/refrigeration components that are mounted onto refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioners for manufacturers of heating/refrigeration units in Japan and overseas.
Our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) service in effect for these products enables us to promptly provide the quantity of products required by customers at the exact time they need them.

Organic EL panel manufacturing unit

Fireproof bricks made in China

High-efficiency reciprocating sealed compressor for use in refrigerators

Harvester head of KETO, Finland

Effectively using forestry resources and enriching the land
―― Forestry machinery

We import and sell high performance forestry machines, including harvesters and processors, which provide a number of benefits, such as helping to increase the productivity of forestry, enhance safety, and cut down on labor. Through these efforts, we have built up a track record of more than 30 years in the field of forestry. We have been providing a wide range of processors, including felling, logging, loading, carrying, wood crushing, and wood chipping to forestry associations and forestry related companies in Japan. They all hold the machines and services we provide in high regard.
We hold a large market share in the forestry machinery market in Japan. We are working to solidify our position as the industry leader by offering all-inclusive solutions, such as the handling of related components. We will run our businesses in a positive manner that contributes to the effective use of forestry resources and preserves the riches of the land.