Wide range service / support for Plastic-related equipment – Plastic and fabric equipment group

We provide optimal equipment to Japanese and overseas Plastic-resin, film and nonwovens producers in order to fulfill customer’s demands.  For the plastic materials and film industry, we are able to offer extruders (single-screw and multi screws), granulation equipment, coating systems, converting systems and other related equipment made by Japanese and overseas manufacturers.
For customers in the field of high value-added compounds/films, and carbon fiber composite materials, we propose valued systems mainly made in Germany and/or other European countries known as world’s most technically advanced regions. On the other hand, for other customers having keen interest in reducing CAPEX, we can provide the equipment manufactured in Korea and Taiwan with good quality and performance.
In the field of nonwovens, we offer the world’s top class complete spunbond and meltblow lines manufactured by the well-known German company Reifenhäuser Reicofil as their exclusive distributor, and related equipment, such as dryers, high speed Slitter/Winder system and spin belt to the customers who producing Hygiene materials Industrial materials, Civil engineering, and medical purposes.
In addition to above activities, our professional team can offer a variety of processing equipment from the upstream up to the downstream to meet customer’s requirement in producing other type of nonwoven fabrics such as spunlace.

Spunbond line of Reifenhäuser Reicofil, Germany

Slitter/Winder of A. Celli, Italy

Film Cast Line of Reifenhauser, Germany

Comprehensive coordination of LNG plant projects – Energy and chemical plant group

We handle the import, export, and offshore-trade transactions with Japanese and overseas oil & gas, petrochemical plant end users as well as plant engineering companies to supply heat exchangers, pressure vessels, compressors, and other equipment and components.  In the field of combustion equipment, we inherited the thermal technologies from the former KUWABARA Corporation. Using these technologies, we design, manufacture, and provide after-sales services for the process burners for heating furnaces, the reformer furnaces for oil refineries and petrochemical operators, and duct burners for the reheating of flue gas for gas turbine co-generation systems. We have delivered large quantities of equipment to customers in Japan and overseas.
In the area of liquefied natural gas (LNG), we have been working to provide Open Rack Vaporizers (ORV), Boil off Gas (BOG) Compressors, Ceryogenic Valves and other LNG related- equipment to LNG receiving terminal. We are also making intensive efforts for LNG terminal and tanks’ engineering procurement construction coordination.
In addition, we are the exclusive agent in Japan of plasma heating systems produced by the U.S.-based Phoenix Solutions Company. We are working to resolve environmental issues by reducing the amount of incineration ash and radioactive waste, detoxifying polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), and other means.

Plasma torch

KS Burner (artist’s image)

Effectively using forestry resources and enriching the land – Forestry machinery

We import and sell high performance forestry machines, including harvesters and processors, which provide a number of benefits, such as helping to increase the productivity of forestry, enhance safety, and cut down on labor. Through these efforts, we have built up a track record of more than 30 years in the field of forestry. We have been providing a wide range of processors, including felling, logging, loading, carrying, wood crushing, and wood chipping to forestry associations and forestry related companies in Japan. They all hold the machines and services we provide in high regard.
We hold a large market share in the forestry machinery market in Japan. We are working to solidify our position as the industry leader by offering all-inclusive solutions, such as the handling of related components. We will run our businesses in a positive manner that contributes to the effective use of forestry resources and preserves the riches of the land.

Harvester head of KETO, Finland