Offering total solutions based on our experience developed through long period of time – Steelmaking plants

We have delivered many different kinds of equipment, machineries, and peripheral equipment for different processes— including iron making, steel making, rolling, surface treatment, and finishing—to large domestic blast furnace steel mills, their group companies, and major electric furnace steel manufacturers. In addition to introducing new equipment, we offer solutions that meet the varying needs of customers, such as the replacement of equipment, streamlining, capacity enhancement, and environmental measures. We boast an extensive amount of experience, and have built a record of proven results over the years. With more Japanese mills moving to overseas production bases in recent years, we offer comprehensive support for customers entering foreign markets by providing them with the advanced knowledge and expertise in research, implementation, and operation we have gained through Sojitz Group’s projects for customers in other countries.

A converter furnace

An extensive array of domestic and overseas products – Non-ferrous metal processing

We have a longstanding record in delivering different kinds of manufacturing equipment and machinery used in the manufacturing of aluminum sheets, copper sheets, aluminum shaped materials, pipes and bars, and copper pipes and bars. We handle wide range of products line-up which are made in Japan, Europe, the United States, the Republic of Korea, China, and other countries for melting, casting, rolling, extruding, and other processes. We propose solutions best suited to customer needs.

Exclusive dealer delivering Sendzimir’s rolling mills to the world – Rolling mills

Sendzimir’s rolling mills contribute greatly to high-end steel sheet production around the world with their ability to perform high precision rolling and mass production in the field of high-end steel sheets, such as stainless steel, special steel, copper, copper alloy, and electromagnetic steel sheets. The Sojitz Group is a joint venture partner of Sendzimir Japan, Ltd., which manufactures these rolling mills based on the rolling technology owned by T. Sendzimir, Inc. in the United States. As the exclusive dealer of Sendzimir rolling machines produced by Sendzimir Japan, Ltd., we have delivered more than 100 units to customers around the world.

Sendzimir rolling machine

Offering a wide variety of products together with a reassuring after-sales service system– Wire rod processing

We deliver different types of equipment to domestic steel wire and power cable manufacturers that produce steel wires and power cable for use in wire drawing, heating, stranding, coating, and other processes such as rolling and post-treatment. Our product lineup ranges from high quality products produced in Europe to cost-effective products made in Asia for individual processes. This extensive lineup enables us to propose products best suited to customers’ needs. We are fully prepared to offer after-sales services for equipment maintenance and operation to support our customers’ efforts to expand overseas, as well as provide them with reassurance for introducing different products made in other countries.

Wire drawing machine of Mario Frigerio, Italy

Comprehensive coordination for overseas plant construction – Plant projects

We also focus our energies on the business of comprehensively coordinating and pushing ahead with the whole plant projects as well as standalone facilities and equipment, taking advantage of our experience developed through long period of time and proven record in the field of steelmaking plants. This service covers countries in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Africa, and other regions where rapid infrastructure development are necessary to keep pace with the economic and population growth. We offer total functions providing plans, finance, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), and product sales for different plants. These functions predominantly target small- and medium-sized steelmaking plants in areas near places such as ports, power plants, and mines.