Presenting various industrial plant equipment to meet different customer needs – Industrial machinery group

For at least half a century, we have been exporting industrial plant equipment for power generation, fertilizers, textile, cement, sugar and other sectors as well as boilers, compressors and other utility equipment to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Middle East.
In addition, we deal with environmental-friendly equipment and equipment with high energy-saving efficiency. We are proud to contribute to environmental conservation at customer, help customers cut costs, and ultimately further their growth by providing those equipment and our services.

Selling bearings and related materials and equipment for the maintenance of automobiles, industrial machinery and railroad rolling stock – Bearings

Selling aftermarket bearings, related materials and equipment and maintenance equipment, responding to demand for auto repairs, industrial machinery and railroad rolling stock in Taiwan, the Middle East and South Africa. We have established strong relationships with our customers in many countries, by tapping into growing maintenance demand in emerging markets.

Fertilizer plant in Pakistan(Top)
Engine generator(Middle)
Gas Turbine Power Generator(Bottom)

Offering compressors through the VMI method – Components related to electric appliances

We handle different kinds of compressors and components associated with refrigeration and heating that are installed within refrigerators and air conditioners for household, as well as refrigerator-freezers for commercial use. We offer these compressors and components to major electric-appliance manufacturers in Japan and other countries.  We place these products under inventory management through the vendor-managed inventory (VMI) method. This enables us to promptly provide the quantity of products required by customers at the exact time they need them.  In regards to our mainstay of compressors for household refrigerators, we have a wide variety of models available. These range from high efficient models for the Japanese market to cost-competitive models for the Southeast Asian market, Chinese market, and other overseas markets.

Hermetic Shield High Efficient Motor Compressorfor Refrigeration System

A proven track record in selling to the overseas bases of leading electric manufacturers – Equipment for manufacturing electric products

We provide major Japanese electric manufacturers with equipment that is indispensible to the manufacturing process for electric products. This includes vacuum forming machines, and sheet metal jigs and dies, as well as ABS resin extruding machines, which are used to form frames for refrigerators and washing machines. As Japanese electric manufacturers move production to locations outside Japan, we are also working to expand business in these overseas markets and build a solid track record of sales to local manufacturers in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world.

Carousel Turning Equipment for Door Foaming

Vacuum forming machineof Asano Laboratories

Delivering Forster Japan to wine lovers
―― Wine cellars

Forster Japan is a brand of wine cellars with the largest share in the market, commanding nearly 50% of the Japanese wine cellar market. We handle the planning, development, sales, and after-sales services of Forster Japan wine cellars, and are the sole dealer of exclusive medium-and large-sized wine cellars made in Japan. Taking advantage of the considerable experience and trust we have built over the years, we deliver products with high performance, high quality, and refined appearance to electronics retail stores, wine importers, restaurants, and many other customers.

Forster Japan-branded wine cellar