Proposals for a wide variety of equipment from Japan and overseas

We offer equipment used in many different manufacturing processes involved in the production of automobiles, from the upstream to downstream processes. These processes range from casting, forging, machining, and stamping through to injection molding, painting, and inspections. Through this equipment, we propose optimal solutions to our customers.

Injection machine

Stabilizer testing machine

Engineers and supervisory technicians on hand to undertake commissioned construction

Complete on-site safety management and process management are needed to complete work within the limited period for equipment installation. We have in-house supervisory technicians that are able to handle large-scale construction projects. Our experienced staff members provide customers with wide range of operation support, from project-related documentation to process management and on-site management.

Tandem press line(Photo:Provided byHitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation)

High frequency induction furnace(Photo:Provided by Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.)

Turnkey & maintenance services for automobile plants at oversea
―― Automotive Project Department

For all type of vehicle production, including EV/HV/PHV/FCV, we have provided the turnkey services of production line for our customers oversea plants.
Related our turnkey services, we have a lot of experience to optimally arrange the global logistics and supporting the tax reduction scheme such as EPA / FTA.
After the plant starts operation, we can provide a long-term production support system for overseas automobile plants by supplying repair parts, maintaining equipment in collaboration with local engineering companies, and modifying equipment in connection with the introduction of new models.

Years of engagement in vehicle-mount batteries
―― Secondary battery

The automotive secondary battery market is continuing to expand amid mounting awareness of energy conservation and trend of switching from ICE based vehicle to electric. Sojitz Machinery provides domestic and overseas customers with secondary battery manufacturing equipment for hybrid vehicles (HVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).  Our engagement in this market dates back to the days when the market was just starting to grow in the mid-1980s. Today, we have accumulated a long track record. Now we deliver equipment to carmakers and battery manufacturers for both overseas and domestic customers. Beside 2nd battery production equipment, we are not proposing solution for the EV/HV/PHV platform.

Provision and upgrade of automated robot-based systems
―― Robotics solution services

We provide automated production line solutions centered around automobile manufacturers, including painting and welding systems that have been upgraded with various types of robots.

One-stop provision of distribution system solutions
―― Distribution system solution services

We sell material handling units for the purpose of automating and reducing manpower for the storage, transportation and picking duties carried out in distribution warehouses. We provide our in-house engineering skills for all types of material handling units regardless of the manufacturer, as well as providing one-stop solutions encompassing all services, from software development through to installation and after-care services.

Handling a broad range of equipment imported from Europe ―― Equipment related to the fields of agriculture, food production and beverages

We sell a wide range of equipment imported from European manufacturers mainly for the Japan Agriculture Cooperative Group, companies manufacturing processed foods, and companies manufacturing beverages.
We are able to supply a diverse range of equipment, including raw material storage silos, material graders and fruit graders in the field of agriculture, and processing machines, inspection machines and bud-picking robots in the field of food production.
We also handle FFS units (forming, filling and sealing units), dry-sump lubrication systems, and pasteurization systems, etc., in the field of beverages.


Steampeeler STRATA Invicta® (Kiremko B.V.)


(left)QCC compact cooler (Tolsma)
(right)Grading machine for potatoes (Dewulf)