Proposing a wide variety of Japanese and foreign equipment

We offer equipment used in many different manufacturing processes, from the upstream to downstream processes, involved in the production of automobiles. These processes range from casting, forging, machining, and stamping to injection molding, painting, and inspections. Through this equipment, we propose optimal solutions to customers.

Injection machine

Testing machine for stabilizer

Engineers and supervisory technicians on hand to undertake commissioned construction

Complete on-site safety management and process management are needed to complete work within the limited period for equipment installation. We have in-house supervisory technicians that are able to handle large-scale construction projects. Our experienced staff members provide customers with wide range of operation support, from project-related documentation to process management and on-site management. For overseas projects, we work together with the Sojitz bases in other countries to carry out commissioned transport, customs clearance, and installation on a one-stop basis.

Tandem press line(Photo:Provided byHitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation)

High frequency induction furnace(Photo:Provided by Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.)

Offering overseas maintenance services

In response to requests from end users and equipment manufacturers, we have established a framework for maintenance work in partnership with local firms. This framework enables us to dispatch an engineer will be to the site in the event of emergency. We provide repair parts in stock at the customer’s request.

Proposing equipment that goes beyond the industrial boundaries

We deliver green vehicle production equipment from Japanese and foreign manufacturers to our customers. This includes equipment for processes associated with the motors, power control units (PCUs), and secondary batteries mounted in EVs, HVs, PHVs, fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), and other green vehicles, as well as equipment for reducing the weight of vehicles.

Maintenance of machine tools

Offering all-inclusive support based on the concept of centralized management – Total Plant Construction Services (TPCS)

For more than 30 years, the Sojitz Group has offered all-inclusive support for the overseas expansion of companies in all business categories by means of its Total Plant Construction Services (TPCS), a service based on the concept of centralized project management. We have extensive experience in this area, and to date we have supported 300 different projects.
Our TPCS is a one-stop service the offers centralized project management of the processes involved in plant construction, from feasibility studies during the concept stage to support after the plant begins operation. In addition to plant construction and the procurement and installation of equipment, it covers applications for authorization related to construction, troubleshooting, negotiations with local authorities, and other time-consuming procedures. This service allows us to use our wealth of experience to provide full support for companies aiming to expand their business operations overseas.While the TPCS service area encompasses the entire globe, locally-based services will be offered through project teams formed by experts at the Sojitz Group’s overseas locations. For plant construction, we appoint highly qualified local general constructors, and work to reduce costs and shorten the construction period.