Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Sojitz Machinery Corporation (the “Company”) will use the personal information that it acquires for the following purposes. If you have any questions, please contact the “Personal Information Protection Helpdesks“.

1. Personal Information of Business Partners

  • Negotiations, communications, consultations, order acceptance and placement, settlement or other processing relating to business transactions
  • Receipt of goods or services, etc. relating to business transactions
  • Appropriate and smooth performance of other operations of the Company

2. Personal Information of Shareholders

  • Exercise of rights and performance of duties as shareholders pursuant to the Companies Act and other laws and regulations
  • Provision of privileges to, and performance of other measures with regard to, shareholders in the capacity of shareholders
  • Management of shareholders, such as preparation of shareholder data based on the standards specified by laws and regulations
  • Appropriate and smooth performance of other operations of the Company

3. Personal Information of Job Applicants Acquired during Hiring Activities

  • Provision of information and communications relating to hiring by the Company, screening of job applicants and hiring decisions
  • Provision of documents and communications for hiring procedures after a provisional decision is made
  • Other labor management and smooth performance of the operations of the Company

4. Personal Information of the Company’s Officers, Employees, Former Employees and their Family Members

  • Work-related communications, exchanges of information, and compliance with rights and duties relating to labor laws and regulations, tax laws and regulations and social welfare laws and regulations, including human resource policies (including transfers, evaluations, and career development such as education), payment of wages, attendance management, benefits and so on
  • Performance of various procedures specified by internal regulations
  • Communications with, and the provision of information to, the Sojitz Employees Union, Sojitz Health Insurance Union, Health Care Room, Shareholding Association, Alumni Club and group companies
  • Notification and reporting to government offices, their auxiliary organizations or other organizations to which the Company belongs
  • Provision of social welfare benefit services, referrals concerning various types of group insurance and related procedures
  • Distribution of internal publications and so on
  • Communications during emergencies
  • Other labor management and smooth performance of the operations of the Company

To achieve each of the above purposes of use, Sojitz Machinery has established a shared intranet environment that allows group officers and employees to view some or all personal information, including the names, divisions, telephone numbers, titles, email addresses, and photos of current personnel. Sojitz Machinery Corporation may provide the personal information it retains concerning officers, employees, former employees, and their family members to its group companies, etc., mainly in writing or through the transmission of data, to the extent reasonably necessary to achieve each of the purposes of use. Such provision of information is included within the purposes of use, but upon request from the relevant individual, such provision to third parties may be suspended (for further information, please see the “Personal Information Protection Help Desks” site and contact the appropriate help desk).